West Bali National Park– It’s EASY!

Earth Matters Institute  and the Environmental Education Alliance of South East Asia (EASY!) just spent 4-days camping in West Bali National Park with Ben Tamblyn and Lyndle Hardstaff from Odyssey Institute surveying flora and fauna and designing and brainstorming how to build an Environmental Education Center there…

Fresh fish from the local fishing villages grilled nightly… potatoes wrapped in foil and chucked in the coals of a low burning fire… instant oatmeal and noodles.. accompanied by Bali Coffee served hot and gritty with the coffee grounds dumped straight in hot water  and stirred with sugar before drinking were the daily fare…

Wreathed hornbills flying in formation over the camp… ring necked doves.. bee eaters… yellow vented bulbuls… both the small blue and collared kingfisher… olive backed sun birds..fan tails… crested serpent eagles.. common Iora.. brown shrike..  many species of shore birds, weaver ants, several squirrels, ebony langurs, long tailed macaques and barking deer were spotted daily…

Out on the reef and in the sea grass beds we witnessed 2 species of eel… one of which had a head the size of a pit bull!  Clown fish and their associated anemone… many types of coral… sea cucumber… HUGE brightly colored lobsters.. needlefish.. box fish.. lion fish.. and nudibranchs galore..

The mangrove held mudskippers… wading birds.. many types of fish… kingfishers… thousands of tiny jellyfish..and exuded a mystique of what mysterious critters could be just beyond our gaze…..   like no other ecosystem can do!

The night brought flying foxes, curious wild boar and night jars flittering overhead with the milky way and many constellations as their backdrop!

A full report will be coming soon!



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2 thoughts on “West Bali National Park– It’s EASY!

  1. ariana Parrish

    How did you find camping at the park. I am planning a trip now and it seems that I can only stay in hotels. much thanks! Ariana (Maryland, USA)

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