Various & Sundry Updates!

Hello all!

Hope you had a great celebration of the Winter Solstice and cause for revelry to remind us we have made one more successful revolution around a big fiery ball of hydrogen & helium burning brightly in the center of our solar system!

As of June 2012 Jamie Raskin & I rode bicycles made of Bamboo from South Thailand to Bali Indonesia to raise awareness for sustainability in South East Asia.

See more about our adventure call GREEN Riders here:

And see our way cool & groovy video series here:

After that I launched full time into my consultancy for Environmental Education, Sustainability and Service Learning.. WOOT WOOT!

Since then I have:

  • Been granted US$1000 from EARCOS to sponsor Rockin’ 4 the Reefs and educate local students in Malaysia about coral reef ecology and why reefs need our protection
  • Worked with United World College Singapore up in Chiang Mai, Thailand- teaching their students about stream ecology & initiating a Service Learning Project in a local village
  • Begun planning for Rockin’ 4 the Reefs in conjunction with Reef Check Malaysia– a music, arts & cultural festival to raise awareness for conservation in SE Asia

The year ahead promises:

  • An intern coming to work with me for 6-weeks to design eco-friendly and natural play spaces & outdoor learning centers
  • Working with LEAP to implement environmentally friendly and sustainable practices in schools
  • Lots of adventure and time to play outside!

It will be a good year to learn more about Nature… and I truly hope you get inspired to GO OUTSIDE & EXPLORE!



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