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Can we just let it be?

Nature is resilient. Life is persistent and adaptable. Things can be restored and balance achieved if we just learn to leave it alone…


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New Site Coming Soon!

Now that I am full time into environmental education and consultancy I plan to update this site!

Thing to look forward to soon:

  • A new and improved look,
  • More functionality
  • More photos
  • Frequent blog posts to inspire you to GET OUTSIDE & EXPLORE!

Stay tuned!




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New Adventures in 2013!

After Jamie & I finished riding our bamboo bikes from Thailand to Bali I launched full time into environmental education and consultancy work.

I left my classroom teaching job and jumped into the unknown.  It’s been exciting, scary, rewarding & unpredictable.

But I truly believe you must follow your passion and do what you love.  SO HERE GOES!

Now that I am full time into this work a few things I will look forward to in the upcoming year:

  • A new and improved website!
  • More frequent blog posts & inspirational writing to encourage your to CREATE YOUR OWN ADVENTURE!=
  • More trips with students outdoors to get them immersed in Nature and caring about their planet
  • Wilderness Emergency Medical Technician (WEMT) training
  • More diving to compliment my NEWLY acquired open water dive certification
  • Writing and publishing a new book
  • more cycling adventure on my bamboo bike

Whew!  I think it’s gonna work.. I think it’ll be good!



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Various & Sundry Updates!

Hello all!

Hope you had a great celebration of the Winter Solstice and cause for revelry to remind us we have made one more successful revolution around a big fiery ball of hydrogen & helium burning brightly in the center of our solar system!

As of June 2012 Jamie Raskin & I rode bicycles made of Bamboo from South Thailand to Bali Indonesia to raise awareness for sustainability in South East Asia.

See more about our adventure call GREEN Riders here:  http://greenriders.asia/

And see our way cool & groovy video series here:  http://www.youtube.com/user/greenridersasia

After that I launched full time into my consultancy for Environmental Education, Sustainability and Service Learning.. WOOT WOOT!

Since then I have:

  • Been granted US$1000 from EARCOS to sponsor Rockin’ 4 the Reefs and educate local students in Malaysia about coral reef ecology and why reefs need our protection
  • Worked with United World College Singapore up in Chiang Mai, Thailand- teaching their students about stream ecology & initiating a Service Learning Project in a local village
  • Begun planning for Rockin’ 4 the Reefs in conjunction with Reef Check Malaysia– a music, arts & cultural festival to raise awareness for conservation in SE Asia

The year ahead promises:

  • An intern coming to work with me for 6-weeks to design eco-friendly and natural play spaces & outdoor learning centers
  • Working with LEAP to implement environmentally friendly and sustainable practices in schools
  • Lots of adventure and time to play outside!

It will be a good year to learn more about Nature… and I truly hope you get inspired to GO OUTSIDE & EXPLORE!



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30 species in 30 seconds! How many can you name?


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GREEN Riders Asia! Watch out!

What is GREEN Riders?

Read about it here: http://greenriders.asia/

Hear about it here:   http://www.bfm.my/green-riders-southeast-asia

The Panda.. dreaded predator of the bamboo bicycles planned for GREEN Riders… AWAS! Luckily, we are in Sun Bear territory!

THANKS to Bamboobee bikes based in Singapore for their incredible support!

It’s official! GREEN RIDERS will be rolling down the road on BAMBOO BIKES! We’re super excited to have partnered with Bamboobee, and looking forward to climbing aboard our customized beauties in June!

Check ’em out on our updated site at: http://greenriders.asia/bamboo-bikes/

Now we’ll just have to watch out for hungry pandas! 🙂

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Rockin’ 4 the Environment & GREEN Riders Asia!

Check out the latest news about a few events coming up soon!

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Peace Corps volunteer in Thailand using As if the Earth Matters!

My name is Nicole and I am currently a Peace Corps Volunteer in the Province of Chumphon, Thailand. I wanted to thank you for your many books on the beautiful nature in Thailand, but especially for your book As If The Earth Matters.

I recently purchased and read the book in anticipation of the  annual “English Camp” we have for the students in my community. Your book was an invaluable resource for my planning for and subsequent success of the camp.

The camp consisted of one hundred and fifty students ages eleven to  fourteen, six Peace Corps Volunteers, seven Thai English teachers and local government office staff.  This year the camp was held at a King’s Royal Project area in Amphur Pathiu, Chumphon where I live.

The project area is located on the beach and holds the only sand dunes left in Thailand along  with a costal forest eco-system. It was the perfect opportunity to turn the standard english camp into our first “Environmental English Camp!”

After reading your book I was able to plan over ten EFL lessons based on the games and activities. Greet a Tree, Simple Bear (adapted to be Monkey) Necessities,  Beach Life Bingo and Bear, Bug, Frog were some of the favorites, but we also used Web of Life, Duplication, People to People, Snail Trail and Echo Location.

Using these games and activities was an opportunity to show the students, Peace Corps Volunteers and Thai teachers that you can make EFL lessons that have a deeper meaning for the students. Each lesson had a “Reflection” section at the end where the Thai teacher would speak to the groups in Thai about the eco-concepts and deeper meaning of the lesson.

The sessions were really enjoyed by the students, volunteers and the  teachers. It gave everyone an opportunity to see that we can teach English  and have fun and integrative lessons about nature and the environment. In this land of palm oil and rubber trees, reminding students that diversity  and care of the land is vital to sustaining not just the environment, but also their livelihood.

We also had a a tree planting at the end of our four  day camp to reinforce our role as “reforest-ors” of this land. Thank you for publishing such a wonderful resource for those looking to get  students outside and into nature.

My previous experience before joining the  Peace Corps was in business, so this is all new to me. After living in Thailand for almost two years now I have found a new passion for the Earth  and a desire to educate others of the crucial role we play in keeping it healthy and sustainable.

This Camp was a highlight of my Peace Corps  service, and something I hope to work more with in the future.

I am recommending to the Peace Corps headquarters in Thailand that they  obtain copies of your book and make it a resource for all volunteers. All the volunteers that came to help loved it and wanted a copy themselves. I  have attached some photos for you from the camp. Thank you again, you really have inspired and reassured me to pursue a life towards conservation of nature, activism and education of others.

Nicole Lemmo
US Peace Corps Thailand
Community Based Organizational Development Volunteer

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EARCOS Pre-Conference Barge Workshop Schedule (repost)


Discovering the Life-Blood of Thailand
March 26-28, 2012
Lynda Rolph & Kenny Peavy- Bangkok, Thailand
Traidhos Three-Generation Barge & EARCOS Teachers Conference
US$110 (includes lodging on the barge, all food and teaching materials)


* detailed information including a list of things to brings, pre-workshop readings and a list of possible activities will be sent to participants

 Monday March 26, 2012-  On Monday we will meet in the Shangri-La Hotel Lobby, board the barge and head north towards our destination at Bang Sai Bay.

3:00pm- Meet at Shangri-La Lobby & Welcome to Barge
3:15pm- Introduction to facilities & staff, icebreakers, creating community
5:00pm- Activity Session
6:30pm- Dinner
7:15 pm- Activity Session

Tuesday March 27, 2012-  On Tuesday we will visit a market then begin our journey south back to the Shangri-La Hotel

8:00am-   Breakfast
9:00am-   Activity Session
10:15am-  Break
10:30am- Activity Session
11:45am-  Intro to Floating Market
12:00pm- Pathum Thani Market Shopping
1:15pm-    Lunch
2:00pm-   Activity Session
3:15pm-   Break
4:15pm-   Activity Session
6:30pm-  Dinner
7:15 pm-  Activity Session

Wed March 28, 2012- On Wednesday we will debrief and head to the regular EARCOS Conference!

8:00am-   Breakfast
9:00am-   Activity Session
12:00pm- Lunch
1:15pm-    Final reflection and closing
2:45pm-   Pier Drop off at Shangri La

For information please contact Kenny Peavy:  earthmattersinfo@gmail.com

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