“Teachers who are designing curricula will love the book. But it will be even more valuable for those planning spring or summer outdoor education experiences, where it is an essential!” Read the rest of NSTA’s recommendation.

“…a world-wide journey into environmental education. Filled with playful activities and thought-provoking concepts, this book examines relationships between humans and world around them.” Read the rest of Sandy Creek Nature Center’s review.

“[Kenny Peavy] said that students, from their very young age, must gain knowledge of environment and become familiar with the local flora, fauna and ecological relationships.” Read the article from The Penninsula about Peavy’s speech in Doha .

“…Peavey suggested that teachers and parents encourage students by offering model actions, such as forest or beach clean-ups, tree planting and environmental monitoring.” Read this article on Kenny Peavy’s speech at a Global Environmental Issues symposium at the American School of Doha.

Read the New Straits Times interview with co-author Kenny Peavy.

Read the New Straits Times book review.

Read the Malaysian Naturalist book review.

Read the May 2007 article in the EARCOS magazine.
Read the March 2007 article in the Hornbill magazine.
Read the CIJ book review.
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